Radio broadcasting broadcasting, transmission of sound or images to a large number of receivers by radio. In the United States the first regularly scheduled radio broadcasts began in 1920 at 8XK (later KDKA) in Pittsburgh
radio, transmission or reception of electromagnetic radiation in the radio frequency range. The term is commonly applied also to the equipment used, especially to the radio receiver.

Residue refers to any substance, including metabolites, remaining in livestock at time of slaughter or in carcass tissues after slaughter as the result of treatment or exposure of the livestock to a pesticide, organic or inorganic compound, hormone, hormonelike substance, growth promoter, antibiotic, anthelmintic, tranquilizer, or other therapeutic or prophylactic agent.

Rock is the source of natural material from which crushed stone, sand, and gravel are made; the rock most suitable for making good aggregates.

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"Rock" is in the NAICS Code "212392"
  (Phosphate Rock MiningSintered phosphate rock mining and/or beneficiating)

"Rock" is in the HS Code "0306.11"
  - -- Rock lobster and other sea crawfish (Palinurus spp., Panulirus spp., Jasus spp.)

"Rock" is in the UNSPSC Code "20101504"
  Rock cutters

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Radar Arch is described as a frame over a cockpit, bridge, or deck on which antennas, radars and radar reflectors, solar panels, lights, awnings, horns, and other items are mounted out of the way of the crew.

Roaster or Roasting Chicken refers to a bird which is young chicken, usually three to five months of age, of either sex, that is tender-meated with soft, pliable, smooth-textured skin and breastbone cartilage that may be somewhat less flexible than that of a broiler or fryer.
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Ore
Rayon fibre is characterized as a man-made fibre made from regenerated cellulose. It is made by forcing cellulose through fine holes then solidifying it into thread in either a chemical Bath or warm air. This thread is primarily used in sport shirts and occasionally in suits to provide superior drape and to fight wrinkles.
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Refractory lining refers to a heat-resistant ceramic insulation.
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Ram is described as the driven/movable part of a metalforming machine .
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