Roll-forming revolves around the process of bending a continuous strip of metal through a series of shaped rolls.

RGB stands for red, green, blue which are the three (3) additive primary colors used to display color in video and computer monitors.

Reformulated gasoline (RFG)  lower sulfur fuels mandated by the federal government for certain U.S. metropolitan areas with high levels of combustion-related air pollution.

Resin is described as a a vegetable substance secreted by a tree, also known as tree gum or sap, that appears to sweat or ooze from the bark of the tree which may be used as an adhesive or varnish.

Repackaging plant refers to a facility responsible for receiving and repackaging caviar into new primary containers.

Release means the emission or discharge of a substance from the facility site to air surface waters, or under certain circumstances, to land (e.g., spills, leaks).

A Relay Terminal is a motor carrier terminal designed to facilitate the substitution of one driver for another who has driven the maximum hours permitted.

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