The term attachment may refer to the following:

  • the act or process of connecting one thing to another
  • a extra part or piece of equipment that is or may be attached to a device or implement to perform a particular function
  • a legal seizure of a debitor's property, or a writ ordering such a seizure
  • Attachment theory, a psychological theory that attempts to describe the dynamics of interpersonal relationships between humans
  • Up?d?na (meaning attachment, clinging or grasping in Sanskrit), one of the two primary causes of suffering in Buddhism
  • Moh, a vice, meaning love and attachment to worldly things and relations, in Sikh belief
  • Precision attachment, a part of a removable partial denture made of plastic, metal or a combination of both
  • Parallel ATA (originally AT Attachment), an interface standard for the connection of storage devices in computers
  • rental accessories and attachments, embedded, external or consumable parts or items that are included but may be billed separately from rental equipment
  • Attachments, a British TV dramedy about an Internet startup company that ran from 2000-2002

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