In the industrial and industry context, a keyboard refers to a computer peripheral that is used for inputting text and commands into a computer or other electronic device.

Here are some examples of how keyboards are used in industry:

  1. Data entry: Keyboards are commonly used in industries that require large amounts of data to be inputted into computer systems, such as finance, accounting, and logistics.

  2. Computer-aided design: Keyboards are often used in conjunction with specialized software to create digital designs for engineering and product development.

  3. Industrial control systems: Keyboards are used to input commands into control systems for industrial machinery, such as CNC machines and robots.

  4. Video and audio production: Keyboards are used in video and audio editing software to input text and commands for creating and manipulating media content.

Similar things to a keyboard in the industrial context include other computer peripherals and input devices, such as mice, touchscreens, and specialized controllers.


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