Deutsch: Board

The term board may refer to the following:

  • a long, thin, flat piece of wood, wood byproducts or other rigid material, used for various purposes
  • a term for several types of paper-based products (e.g. cardboard, paperboard)
  • a reusable writing surface (e.g. chalkboard, whiteboard)
  • Bulletin board, a notice board where people can leave public messages
  • Sounding board (or tester), a type of structure placed above or behind a speaking platform in order to help project the sound of a speaker
  • Currency board, a monetary authority required in order to maintain a fixed eschange rate with a foreign currency
  • Room and board, a situation wherein a person is provided with a living space as well as meals on a comprehensive basis in exchange for money, labor or other considerations
  • Board examination, a type of examination in various countries for candidates in various professions
  • Board of directors (also board of trustees, board of governors, board of managers, board of regents, board of visitors), a body of elected or appointed members jointly overseeing the activities of an organization or company
  • Bureau of Architechture, Research and Design (or BOARD), an architechtural firm based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands
  • BOARD International S.A., a Swiss Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management software vendor
  • a device for holding a deck of 52 cards separated into 4 hands of 13 cards each in duplicate bridge
  • Boards, the walls around an ice hockey rink or bandy field
  • Board game, a game that involves pieces or counters placed and moved on a pre-marked surface or board according to a specifically-defined set of rules
  • Boardsports, any sport played on land, water or snow using some type of board as the primary equipment
  • Sound board (or soundboard), a surface of a stringed instrument that the strings vibrate against, in order to increase the loudness of its sound
  • Mixing console (also mixer, audio mixer, mixing desk, audio production console, soundboard), an electronic device for combining, routing and adjustingor modifying audio signals
  • Printed circuit board (or PCB), a thin plate made of fiberglass, composite epoxy or other laminate material on which chips and other electronic components are placed
  • BOARD, a software toolkit by BOARD International S.A. that provides Business Intelligence and Corporate Management Performance functionality
  • Boards, formerly an international trade publication catering to the advertising community
  • Mykel Board, an American journalist and musician

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