Lubes (or lubricants) is described as denser, more viscous refined products such as motor oil, bearing grease or machine oil.
Ref: 123252/2006-10-14

Latex-portland cement mortar denotes a mixture of portland cement, sand, and special latex additives. It is used for bonding tile to back-up material . It is less rigid than portland cement mortar.
Ref: 120775/2006-10-04

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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): cements, mortars
Lath hammer is shaped more like an axe , this hammer is used, as its name implies, for cutting laths with the axe face a d driving nails with the striking face.
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LED (light emitting diode) is a type of xenon light bulb that is described as small electronic device that lights up when electricity is passed through it. LEDs are quite energy-efficient and have very long lives. They can be red, green, blue or white in color. LED bulbs are typically used in desk lamps, outdoor hanging lanterns, landscape lighting, path lighting, and spot/flood lighting
Ref: 122557/2006-10-10

Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Dioden, Diodes
Level of quantification means, in respect of a substance, the lowest concentration that can be accurately measured using sensitive but routine sampling and analytical methods.
- 87252/2006-09-17

- Lift-on/Lift-off (lo/lo) cargo : Lift-on/Lift-off (lo/lo) cargo -is described as containerized cargo that must be lifted on and off vessels and other vehicles using handling equipment.
Ref: 120998/2006-10-08

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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): cargoes, cargos
Lifts/Seating system is a mobility tool that includes power lift chairs that gently move a person to a standing, sitting, or reclined position.
Ref: 123435/2006-10-14

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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Lifte, Lifter, lifters, Lifts, Systeme, Systemen, Systemes, Systemische
Lithium-polymer battery refers to a battery in which lithium is used as an electrochemically active material and the electrolyte is a polymer or polymer-like material which conducts lithium ions.
Ref: 86351/2006-09-14

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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): batteries