A liability is an obligation which requires one unit (the debtor) to make a payment or a series of payments to the other unit (the creditor) in certain circumstances specified in a contract between them.

Lacquer is characterized as a fast-drying pyroxylin paint often used to finish automobile bodies.

Labeling refers to the act of affixing labels to something, tagging; classifying, naming.

Longline is consisting of many short lines, each baited with a hook, suspended vertically from a main line that is dragged horizontally through the water.

Lager means beers made from bottom-fermenting yeast and aged at near-freezing temperatures.

Leather is described as the pelt of an animal which has been transformed by tanning into a non-putrescible, useful material. A pelt is also named as animal hide with fur attached.

Laminated glass pertains to two or more sheets of glass with an inner layer of transparent plastic to which the glass adheres if broken. This type of glass is used for safety glazing and sound reduction.

Laboratory refers to a workplace for the conduct of scientific research The workroom of a chemist; also, a place devoted to
experiments in any branch of natural science; as, a chemical,
physical, or biological laboratory.

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