Deutsch: Bildschirm / Français: Screen / Italiano: Schermo 

In the industrial or industry context, "screen" refers to a device or machine used to separate materials based on size, shape, or other physical characteristics. Some examples of screens in the industrial context include:

  • Vibrating Screens: used to separate and classify materials such as aggregates, minerals, and food products
  • Sifting Screens: used to remove impurities and oversize particles from powders, granules, and other materials
  • Trommel Screens: rotating drum screens used to separate materials based on size and shape
  • Grizzly Screens: used to remove oversized rocks and other debris in mining and quarrying operations
  • Shaker Screens: used to separate liquids and solids in oil and gas drilling
  • Fine Mesh Screens: used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries to remove contaminants and improve product quality.


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