Fusel oil refers to a term used to describe the higher alcohols, generally the various forms of propanol, butanol and amyl alcohol, which are congeners, or by-products of ethanol fermentation.

A carrier that collects small shipments from shippers, consolidates the small shipments and uses a basic mode to transport these consolidated shipments to a destination where the freight forwarder delivers the shipment to the consignee.

Forest type is described as the associations of tree species that have similar ecological requirements. Forest types include hardwood, loblolly-shortleaf, northern hardwood, oak-gum-cypress, oak hickory, and oak-pine, softwoods, etc.

Fluoride are ester of hydrofluoric acid that contains fluorine as one of the two elements (used to prevent tooth decay).

Fluidized-bed combustion is described as a clean coal technology that removes sulfur from coal combustion as well as limiting the formation of nitrogen oxides. It involves suspending crushed coal and limestone in the bottom of a boiler by an upward moving stream of hot air.

Deutsch: Flüssigkeitsverkokung / Español: Coquización fluida / Português: Coque fluido / Français: Cokéfaction fluide / Italiano: Coquizione fluida /

Fluid coking describes a thermal cracking process utilizing the fluidized-solids technique to remove carbon (coke) for continuous conversion of heavy, low-grade oils into lighter products.

The term floors decribes a material that covers a floor.

Floating Crane is idenfied as a crane mounted on a Barge or pontoon, which can be towed or is self propelled.