Deutsch: Fundament/ Français: Foundation

In the industrial context, the term "foundation" can refer to a base or support structure that is used to anchor heavy equipment, machinery, or buildings.

Here are some examples of how the term "foundation" is used in industry:

  1. Equipment foundation: In industrial settings, equipment such as large compressors, turbines, and generators require a solid foundation to be properly anchored. The foundation must be designed to withstand the weight and vibrations of the equipment.

  2. Building foundation: The foundation of a building is critical to its structural integrity. In industrial construction, buildings often require deeper and more complex foundations due to their size and weight.

  3. Bridge foundation: The foundations of bridges are typically very large and complex, designed to withstand the weight of the bridge and the forces exerted by wind and water.

  4. Electrical grounding: In electrical systems, the term "grounding" refers to the process of connecting electrical equipment to a foundation or earth ground. This helps to prevent electric shock and protects the equipment from damage.

Similar things to "foundation" in the industrial context include other types of supports or structures used to anchor equipment or buildings. These might include footings, piers, piles, and caissons. In addition, in some cases, foundations might refer to the underlying principles or concepts on which a system or process is built. For example, the foundation of lean manufacturing is the elimination of waste.


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