- Forester or cruiser compass : Forester or cruiser compass is identified as an equipment utilizing what appears to be a backwards numbering system. If you wish to plot a bearing to the east (90 degrees), you rotate the compass until the needle points toward the east or the 90 degree mark; the compass itself and its sighting line will then be pointed in the direction you wish to travel.

Fairground organs comprise some of the most colourful automatic musical instruments ever made. These instruments loudly voiced so they could be heard above the surrounding din, provided music for merry-go-rounds, carnivals, amusement parks and similar attractions.

Typically, such an instrument contains several ranks of pipes, all voiced on high wind pressure (usually from 8 - 12 inches of water - column pressure).

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A Full Keel  is a type of keel that runs the length of the boat. A Full Keel has a shallower draft than a fin keel.

Fin keel is a keel that is narrow and deeper than a full keel.

Flexible polyurethane foam is characterized as synthetic foam used in all upholstered furniture. The higher the density of the FPF, the more durable the cushion is.
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FPF (FPF is the acronym of flexible polyurethane foam.)

Alternative Spellings (Synonyms):  flexibles, Foams
Fryer-roaster turkey refers to a young immature turkey, usually under 16 weeks of age, of either sex, that is tender-meated with soft, pliable, smooth-textured skin, and flexible breastbone cartilage.
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): turkeys
Four way pallet is described as a frame that permits the entry of forks An example is a for lift truck at all four sides.
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): pallets
Facings mean the number of packages of an item on the front line of a store shelf.
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