Flocculation is the process of forming into loose woolly masses

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The term flight may refer to the following:

The term forestry refers to the science or practice of developing, cultivating, maintaining and managing forests and associated resources in a sustainable manner in order to meet certain goals, needs and values for human benefit.

The term facility refers to a building, installation, establishment or set of equipment built, installed, established or designed to serve a particular function or purpose.


Framing means properly surrounding the subject of a shot by the edges of the actual boundaries of the film. All that is seen in the viewfinder of a camera does not always translate directly into the proper centering of the subject.

Forklift truck is described as a three or four wheeled mechanical truck with forks at the front designed for lifting, carrying and stowing car.

- Footrest, wheel chair : Footrest is a Wheel chair component that are usually incorporated into the frame of the manual or battery -powered chair as part of the design. Cross-brace folding chairs often have footrests which swivel, flip up, and/or can be removed.

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