Feeder is described as a grain container or reservoir constructed around the hatchway between two decks of a ship which when filled with grain automatically feeds or fills in the vacant areas in the lower holds.

Fabrication is described as a number of metalworking techniques that allow a part to be assembled from smaller components. Welding, adhesive bonding and fastening by the use of bolts and rivets are the most widely used examples.

Fructose, as the name implies, is the sugar found naturally in fruit. It can be extracted, turned into granules and used like sugar in the kitchen. It used to be considered a healthier alternative to sucrose -- plain old table sugar. It's sweeter, so less is needed to achieve the same taste. Diabetics use it because fructose doesn't stimulate insulin production, so blood sugar levels remain stable.

Forging describes a process that transforms solid metal into shapes of varying Cross-sectional material thickness, often involving heating and hammering.

Footwear consists of garments worn on the feet. It is an attire for the feet, as in shoes or slippers.

- Forester or cruiser compass : Forester or cruiser compass is identified as an equipment utilizing what appears to be a backwards numbering system. If you wish to plot a bearing to the east (90 degrees), you rotate the compass until the needle points toward the east or the 90 degree mark; the compass itself and its sighting line will then be pointed in the direction you wish to travel.

Fairground organs comprise some of the most colourful automatic musical instruments ever made. These instruments loudly voiced so they could be heard above the surrounding din, provided music for merry-go-rounds, carnivals, amusement parks and similar attractions.

Typically, such an instrument contains several ranks of pipes, all voiced on high wind pressure (usually from 8 - 12 inches of water - column pressure).

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A Full Keel  is a type of keel that runs the length of the boat. A Full Keel has a shallower draft than a fin keel.

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