The term floors decribes a material that covers a floor.

Floating Crane is idenfied as a crane mounted on a Barge or pontoon, which can be towed or is self propelled.

Fender is defined as an appliance made of rubber, timber and/or rope or other materials normally attached to a dock or quay used to prevent damage to the hull of a vessel especially during mooring and un-mooring operations.

Filament is defined as a thin tungsten wire that emits light when heated by an electrical current.

A framed photo is a photograph that has a picture frame or a border around it.

Fossil fuel means fuel that is in a solid or liquid state at standard temperature and pressure, such as coal, petroleum or any solid or liquid fuel derived from such.

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Fortification has something to do with the process of adding alcohol to increase content percentage.

Foil stamping is the application of foil to paper. It may also be combined with embossing for added interest.

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