The term bedding may refer to the following:

  • any material, usually organic, used by an animal to support itself while stationary or resting
  • a horticultural technique for creating colorful, seasonal displays by temporarily planting fast-growing flowering plants in a flower bed
  • Bedding (or bedclothes), objects or materials placed over the mattress of a bed for various purposes, such as warmth, hygiene, decoration or to protect the mattress itself
  • Bedding plane, a geological term for a type of occurring surface in sedimentary rocks that represent some sort of interruption to the sedimentation
  • Rifle bedding (or glass bedding), a technique employed in order to accurize a rifle or protecting the stock by filling gaps between the action and stock with an epoxy-based material

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"Bedding" is in the HS Code "9404"
Mattress Supports; Articles Of Bedding And Similar Furnishing ( For Example, Mattresses, Quilts,Eide

Ref: 120593/2006-09-19

Bedding is characterized as a material used to absorb moisture and provide cushion. It is easily cleaned to provide a clean, dry surface and reduce the incidence of mastitis. Possible bedding materials include: straw, sawdust, wood chips, sand, ground limestone, separated manure solids, shredded newspaper, corn stalks, bark, peanut hulls, sunflower hulls and rice hulls.

See also:
"Bedding" is in the HS Code "9404"
Mattress Supports; Articles Of Bedding And Similar Furnishing ( For Example, Mattresses, Quilts,Eide

Ref: 122210/2006-10-03

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