Assistance may refer to the terms: aid, help, advice , example financial aid, technical assistance , help and advice on special matters, as in marriage.

Architectural service has something to do with any practice involving the art and science of building design for construction of any structure or grouping of structures and the use of space within and surrounding the structures or the design for construction, including but not specifically limited to, schematic design, design development, preparation of construction contract documents, and administration of the construction contract.

Aquamarine a kind of gemstone described as transparent, and comes in shades of blue and blue-green.

Antler is defined as a growth on top of the head formed of bone, starting at eleven months of age. They are ornamental structures prized by hunters.

Anemometer is referring to a device that measures wind velocity.

Ancillary means giving or able to give help or support: accessory, assistant, auxiliary, collateral, contributory, subsidiary, supportive.

Analyzer (Audio - Software) relates to a software program designed to run on a computer that measures amplitude, bandwidth and distortion characteristics of an audio signal.

- Aluminium foil : Aluminum foil is described as a lightweight metal -based material produced in very thin thicknesses that can be easily formed for cooking, wrapping, covering, or lining processes when preparing or storing foods.

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