Anemometer is referring to a device that measures wind velocity.

Ancillary means giving or able to give help or support: accessory, assistant, auxiliary, collateral, contributory, subsidiary, supportive.

Analyzer (Audio - Software) relates to a software program designed to run on a computer that measures amplitude, bandwidth and distortion characteristics of an audio signal.

- Aluminium foil : Aluminum foil is described as a lightweight metal -based material produced in very thin thicknesses that can be easily formed for cooking, wrapping, covering, or lining processes when preparing or storing foods.

Alterations refer to changes (AA's) made by a customer or author to a typeset manuscript. These are not due to typographer's error, and thus are chargeable to the customer.

The airport is a place used by planes for takeoff and landing.

Airfield is referring to:

1. An area of open level ground equipped with hangars and runways for aircraft;

Aeroplane is an English term which is also known as airplane in American English, which refers to a mechanically, power-driven heavier-than-air flying machine that has fixed wings deriving its lift in flight chiefly from aerodynamic reactions on surfaces which remain fixed under given conditions of flight.