AC Induction Motor refers to electric motor used in most household appliances.

Achievement is defined as the act of gaining, reaching, accomplishing or performing a goal through effort; it is a successful performance; an accomplishment.

Accordance may refer to:

1. In accordance with;

Amyl alcohol pertains to the principal constituent of fusel oil. Otherwise known as pentanol. Chemical formula C5H11OH. Eight isomers exist, the commonest being primary iso-amyl alcohol.

Admission can pertain to:
1. Admitting, being admitted;

Arrowhead described as indicator shaped like an elongated triangle used at the end of a lead line to direct attention to an object or a point of reference.

Arch pertains to a mechanical arrangement of building materials which are put together , generally along a curved line, in such a way that, supported by piers, abutments, or walls, they carry weight and resist pressure.

Alcohol although in ordinary conversation ethyl alcohol is generally referred to merely as 'alcohol' that term applied to a long series of hydroxy organic compounds beginning with the one-carbon compound methanol, or methyl alcohol.

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