Ash yield pertains to the percentage of material remaining after a fuel is burned; that portion of a laboratory sample remaining after heating under standard conditions to constant weight; i.e., until all the combustible matter has been burned away.

Asbestos treatment is described as a treatment methods which include removal, encapsulation or sealing, and enclosure behind a permanent barrier.

Arrestor is the same as arrester, please see the term Arrester.

Alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) as defined by the Energy Policy Act, this refers to any dedicated non-petroleum-fuel or dual-fueled vehicle.

Arrester is characterized as a protective device for limiting surge voltages on equipment by diverting surge current and returning the device to its original status. It is capable of repeating these functions as specified.

Angle iron is characterized as an L-shaped steel section frequently used to support masonry over a window or door opening.

Aerosol refers to a container (usually a hand-held size) of coating material that is pressurized for spray (atomized) applications.

Acid food refers to food product with a natural pH of 4.6 or below. Examples are: . tomatoes, citrus fruits, rhubarb, peaches, grapes, cherries , and apples.

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