Deutsch: Verstärker / Español: Amplificador electrónico / Français: Amplificateur êlectronique / Italiano: Amplificatore
An electronic amplifier, amplifier, or (informally) amp is an electronic device that increases the power of a signal. It does this by taking energy from a power supply and controlling the output to match the input signal shape but with a larger amplitude. In this sense, an amplifier modulates the output of the power supply.

In the industrial and industry context, an amplifier is an electronic device that increases the power of a signal. Here are some examples of how amplifiers are used in industry:

  1. Audio systems: Amplifiers are used in audio systems, such as music amplifiers and public address systems, to increase the power of an audio signal and make it louder.

  2. Telecommunications: Amplifiers are used in telecommunications systems, such as radio and television broadcasting, to increase the power of a signal so that it can be transmitted over long distances.

  3. Medical devices: Amplifiers are used in medical devices, such as electrocardiographs and electroencephalographs, to amplify small electrical signals from the body so that they can be detected and analyzed.

  4. Scientific instruments: Amplifiers are used in scientific instruments, such as oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers, to amplify and measure small electrical signals.

Similar things to amplifiers in the industrial context include attenuators, which decrease the power of a signal, and filters, which selectively allow certain frequencies of a signal to pass while blocking others.

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