Ceramics refers to the art and science of forming objects from earth materials containing or combined with silica; the objects are then heated to 1300°F or more.

Any man-made solid produced by the fusion of mineral substances in a kiln. The term 'ceramics' has come to signify the slip casting industry that uses talc-ball clay slurries to cast Ware for firing at low temperatures. The term 'pottery' is used to refer to those individuals

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"Ceramics" is in the UNSPSC Code "41114800"
  Ceramics and glass testing instruments

"Ceramics" is in the NAICS Code "21232"
  Sand, Gravel, Clay, and Ceramic and Refractory Minerals Mining and Quarrying
  ... molding, baking, burning, or hardening nonclay Ceramics, clay and nonclay refractories, and structura ...

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