Blind-spline broaching allows for the machining of blind surfaces - surfaces that are impeded by a flange or protrusion that does not allow a cutting tool to pass completely through or over it.

Binder is a term to referring to a polymetic substance (e.g. starch-based adhesives) used to strengthen unfired glaze surfaces.

Blank refers to the mold part used in all glass container machines for preliminary formation of glass in preparation for the most efficient completion of glass containers in the finish molds where bottles are blown.

A Bolster is a device so fitted on a chassis or railcar so as to hold and secure the container.

Blank holder pressure (BHP) pertains to the pressure pattern on the blank that results from applying a blank holder force.

Bowling is a game in which players attempt to score points by rolling a ball along a flat surface to knock down objects called pins.

Blow blow process is described as a method of glass container manufacturing of narrow finish containers in which the parison is formed by compressed air.

Blank holder force (BHF) is described as the force applied to the perimeter of a sheet during a deep drawing operation to suppress wrinkling and control metal flow.