Chisel is described as an edge tool or instrument with a flat steel blade with a cutting edge on one end of a metal blade, used in dressing, shaping, or working in timber, stone, metal, etc. that is usually driven by a mallet or hammer. Moreover, metal chisels.can be used for widening cracks and chipping out plaster.

Chisels are usually made of common , hardened or tempered steel and consist of a blade with sharpened end attached to a straight handle. Some types of chisels are made with the handle and blade in one piece. Chisels are mostly used by a carpenters, sculptors or woodworkers by forcing them into the material to be cut or carve using a hammer or a mallet manually. For industrial use, a hydraulic ram can be use to drive the chisel into the material to be cut.
Among the many kinds of chisels, represented below are some of them:

1. bevel-edge chisel - for use in fine cabinetry work; features a chrome-vanadium steel blade and double-hooped boxwood handle, which is considered to be the best wood for tool handles because of strength and shock-absorbing qualities;
2. cold chisel - a stone-cutting tool that has an integral handle and blade made of steel. In use, the handle is struck by a hammer to cut material. It can cut sheet metal, remove rivets, bolts, nails or cut away ceramic tiles adhered to a surface;
3. construction chisel - designed for rough carpentry, framing and construction. It is made of a single piece of hand-forged alloy steel;
4. corner chisel - used for cutting clean, sharp inside corners that is perfect for the serious woodworker and tool collector;
5. dog-leg chisel - with skewed blades ideal for trimming joint work in furniture making and for undercutting;
6. hook chisel - features a harpoon -like tip for light finishing cuts on delicate pieces and hard-to-reach areas;
7. swan-neck mortise chisel - this unusual-looking tool is extremely helpful in smoothing out the bottom of mortises. The curved blade is used like a Lever to scrape the mortise bottom flat;
8. paring chisel - the design allows the user to make light finishing cuts with the blade flat on the stock, even when working in the middle of a wide board. Paring chisel is a thin chisel, often with beveled edges snf used with a pushing action to clean a wood surface, such as within a mortise;
9. firmer chisel - designed for heavy-duty work such as timber framing. The heavy blade can keep the chisels from flexing under heavy work loads or from mallet blows. Its ideal for cutting and fitting joints in hardwoods, paring and fitting;
10. flooring chisel (also electrician's chisel) - an all-steel tool used primarily for ripping up old wood strip flooring and used to notch house framing for installing cable and electrical boxes;
11. mortise chisel - a stout chisel with an unusually deep Cross section. The sides are square or tapered slightly towards the back. In use it is often struck with a hammer or mallet; and
12. skew chisel - a turner's chisel with an angled cutting edge and a symmetrical bevel. It is used to take fine cuts, especially beads and tapers. Notorious for "catching" -- going out of control leaving a rough screw-like pattern on the turned surface.

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