The term blade may refer to the following:

  • the sharp cutting part of a tool or weapon
  • a type of stone tool in archeology, created by striking a long narrow flake from a stone core
  • a heavy, usually curved metal plate installed on the front of a bulldozer
  • leaf blade (or lamina), the flat part of a leaf
  • tongue blade, the portion just behind the tip of the tongue
  • a generalization of vectors in higher-dimensional vector spaces in geometric algebra
  • Blade server, a type of computer server designed to be modular and use minimal physical space and energy
  • Blade PC, a type of client PC also designed to be modular and use minimal physical space and energy
  • Samsung SPH-A900 (also MM-A900, A900), a model of cellular phone referred to as the blade
  • ZTE V880 (also ZTE Blade, et al.), a model of smartphone
  • BLADE (Block All Drive-by Download Exploits), a computer program designed to prevent drive-by download malware attacks
  • a part of an oar used for sport rowing
  • a part of a spinnerbait type of fishing lure
  • a part of an iron type of golf club
  • Sheffield United F.C., an English football club commonly nicknamed The Blades
  • Chengdu Blades F.C. (also Chengdu Tiancheng F.C.), a Chinese football club
  • Saskatoon Blades, a Canadian junior Ice Hockey team
  • Kansas City Blades, formerly an American Ice Hockey team
  • The Blades, a British civilian aerobatic team
  • Blades, a village in Barbados
  • Blades, a town in Sussex County, Delaware in the US
  • Blade, a monthly magazine about knives and knife collecting
  • The Blade (or the Toledo Blade), a newspaper in Toledo, Ohio in the US
  • Monthly Comic Blade (or gekkan Comic Blade), a monthly manga (Japanese comics) anthology magazine
  • Washington Blade, a weekly LGBT newspaper
  • The New York Blade, a weekly LGBT newspaper
  • Blade (or The Blade Nation), an underground computer art scene group
  • Richard Sheppard (a.k.a. Richard Blade), a Los Angeles-based English radio, television and film personality
  • Rubén Blades Bellido de Luna (a.k.a. Rubén Blades), a Panamanian musician and activist
  • a British rapper
  • The Blades, an Irish new wave band
  • Blades (formerly Blades of Hades), an Australian hip hop group
  • The Blade (or D?o), a 1995 Hong Kong martial arts film
  • Blade, a fictional character in Marvel Comics
  • Blade, a 1998 film based on the Marvel Comics character starring Wesley Snipes
  • Blade II, a 2002 sequel to the 1998 film
  • Blade: Trinity, a 2004 sequel to the 1998 and 2002 films
  • Blade: The Series, a 2006 live-action TV show based on the Marvel Comics character and the movie trilogy
  • Kamen Rider Blade, a 2004 Japanese tokusatsu (live-action with special effects) superhero TV series, and the 14th installment in the Kamen Rider media franchise
  • Blading (also juicing, gigging, getting color), a practice in professional wrestling wherein one cuts themselves, usually in the forehead, in order to provoke bleeding

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