Weapon pertains to the development of technologies with military applications, including guided missiles, bombs, torpedoes, mines, missile and rocket launchers, and some firearms.

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"Weapon" is in the UNSPSC Code "60106210"
Weapon system teaching aids or materials

Ref: 122770/2006-10-03

Weapon makes reference to an any instrument or tool of offensive or defensive combat. It does not only denotes guns or knives, but also other things that are used for offense and defense, like automobile, baseball bat, bottle, chair, fist, pen knife or shovel. Actually, anything from a rolled up newspaper to a nuclear bomb can be considered a weapon, if used to for the purpose of offensive and defensive attack

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"Weapon" is in the UNSPSC Code "15121522"
Weapon lubricating oils

Ref: 120699/2006-10-01

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