Backwashing refers to the removal of the oil which has been put into worsted stock in the blending, oiling and mixing operations when the mix was made up.

Backhaul is simply permitting the wholesaler/retailer to make pickups and prevent him from having to run his truck while it's empty - in addition to providing for a backhaul allowance or discounts.

Beam is described as the widest part of a boat; and a sturdy wooden timbers running across the width of a boat. The beam is used to support the deck of a wooden boat.

Benzoate refers to a common form of preservative,

Boxing refers to mixing of paint by pouring from one container to another several times to ensure thorough mixing.

Bookbinding machinery is described as automatic or manually operated device that folds printed sheets to form signatures or pages and assembles them in order to form book body.

Battery is referring to a device for making or storing electricity chemically. Electricity is a form or energy that is easy to control, convenient to use but difficult to store.

Blank sheet is described as the flat stamping produced in a stamping die. The use of a blank to describe a stamping usually implies the need for subsequent drawing.

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