Butane refers to a liquid or gas used for heating.

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Breakdown is described as the process by which electrically stressed air is transformed from an insulator to a conductor.

Briquetting is the process of pressing waste materials into a solid fuel. The objects are used for burning purposes. Charcoal is one of the most commonly used briquetting material . The briquetting material is also referred to as briquettes.

Briquettes can be made from materials like paper, fish wastes, rice coverings, food wastes or waste that is obtained after processing coconuts and coffee. The first step in the briquetting process involves the collection of material. The material is converted into smaller sizes by cutting or crushing. It is then combined with water and a binder. Binder is used to prevent falling of the material under high pressure. Clay, cement and mud are some of the commonly used types of binders. The partly dried material is pushed by briquetting presses under high pressure to convert the material into a uniform size and shape. Briquetting presses can be operated either by hand or electric motors. A variety of briquetting tools are available for briquetting presses. Some of the widely used briquetting tools are forged rings, segments for heavy loads, forged tyres and strip segments for lesser loads. The maintenance of a screw press and piston press type briquetting machine is quite difficult.

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Brand has to do with a name, term, sign, symbol, or a combination of these used to identify the products of one seller or group of sellers and differentiate them from those of competitors.

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  Brand marketing or advertising instructional materials

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Brandy refers to a distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice (eau-de-vie).

The highest quality brandies are referred to as either Cognac or Armagnac, both named for the regions in France where they were first produced. Brandy is popular as a beverage or as an ingredient for numerous dishes ranging from meat entrees, sauces, and desserts. When used in cooked dishes, it doesn't add alcohol content to the food as the heat from the cooking process burns off the alcohol leaving the flavor of the brandy behind.

Brandy comes from the Dutch word 'brandewijn' which means 'burnt' or 'distilled' wine. The finest brandies, distilled from wine, are the French Cognac and Armagnac. They are distilled under very strictly controlled methods and are aged in oak casks which gives them a mellow flavor and a wonderful caramel color. They are labeled: E - extra special, F - fine, M - mellow, O - old, P - pale, S - superior, V - very, and X - extra. So a bottle that is labeled VSOP means 'very superior old pale'. Besides the eau-de-vies, the word 'brandy' includes 'Marc' and the Italian 'Grappa' which are both distilled from the residue of grapes after they have been pressed for wine. They tend to have a harsh and pungent taste. Likewise, an eau-de-vie that is labeled 'eau-de-vie de marc de cider ' is made from the residue of cider after being pressed. Calvados is the world's finest apple brandy and is a French brandy made from the apples of Normandy. Applejack is an American apple brandy. Brandies are used to both flame and flavor food. They are used in desserts, pastries and confections. Cognac is wonderful in flavoring chocolates. (see also eau-de-vie and liqueurs)

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Breaker is defined as a device usually found in the home, on a pole or in a substation. It is designed to open automatically when a fault occurs. It can be operated manually or automatically.

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Blended whisky is defined by ATF as a mixture which contains straight whisky, or a blend of straight whiskies, at not less than 20 per cent on a proof-gallon basis, excluding alcohol derived from added harmless coloring, flavoring or blending materials , and, separately, or in combination.

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