Bridge carrier is described as a rubber-tyre-mounted mobile conveyor, about 9.1 m long, used as an intermediate unit to create a system of articulated conveyors between a mining machine and a room or entry conveyor.

Brick hammer is described as a hammer with a head of approximately 24oz used by the bricklayer. It has a square striking face used for tapping bricks into place and a sharp chisel end for cutting bricks to shape.

Breeding livestock is characterized as livestock owned for the primary purpose of producing offspring.

Breed refers to animals such as a cattle or a horse of common origin and having characteristics that distinguish them from other groups within the same species.

Breading machine is decribed as a horizontal rotating cylinder set on a base with a drive motor and filled with breading mix. Food is placed in one end, carried through the cylinder by an internally mounted auger, and discharged at the other end. Food is tumbled in breading mix.

Bread slicer is described as a motor-driven machine with a multiple set of reciprocating knives in a single frame through which bread is pushed, or vice versa; motor-driven or hand--operated machine with a single revolving knife to slice single slices while a bread loaf is moved along in a chute by a gear driven plate.

Brazing Joining metals by flowing a thin layer of molten, nonferrous filler metal into the space between them.

Burley is a highly developed tobacco plants, the culture of which has recently expanded. This type of tobacco does not ferment like the "Dark", but generally matures. Although barley is not very aromatic, it is very useful in blending.