Bamboo relates to the wood of the bamboo tree that is used for furniture in the East, and came to the Occident in various waves of Chinese influences.

Breadth pertains to a measurement calculated by comparing the number of advancing stocks to the number declining. The more net advances seen in an up market, the greater its breadth; vice versa for down markets.

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Bus is a term which can refer to:

1. A vehicle designed to carry passengers.

A brick is a slab of fired clay for covering roofs or lining walls or floors.

Bread molder is defined as a machine with a series of rollers and conveyor belts to shape a ball of dough to pan bread, hearth bread, or long rolls of varied length.

Brass pertains to an alloy of copper and zinc. Brass is yellow in color, and though harder than either of its constituents, it is appropriately malleable for jewelry making.

By-product means a substance, listed in Schedule 1, which is incidentally manufactured, processed or otherwise used at the facility at any concentration, and released on site to the environment, released to surface waters or transferred off site for disposal.

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