A banner in the context of information technology and computer science typically refers to a graphical or textual advertisement displayed on a webpage or within an application. Banners are used for advertising purposes, to promote products, services, or brands, and to provide information or notifications to users. They can be static, animated, or interactive, encouraging users to click through to a landing page for more details. In web development and digital marketing, effective banner design is crucial for attracting attention and achieving marketing goals.

General Description

Banners are a form of digital advertising that play a significant role in online marketing strategies. They are designed to capture the viewer's attention and direct traffic to websites or specific sections within sites. Banners vary in size, design, and placement, often appearing at the top, bottom, or sides of web pages. In addition to commercial advertising, banners are also used for public service announcements, user guides, and website navigation aids.

Application Areas

Banners are utilized in various online platforms, including:

  • Websites: For advertising or promoting content.
  • Social media: As part of social media marketing campaigns.
  • Email marketing: Embedded within newsletters and promotional emails.
  • Apps: To advertise products or services, or to provide in-app notifications.

Known Examples

Examples of banner usage include:

  • Web advertising banners: Displayed on news sites, blogs, and forums.
  • Promotional banners: Used on e-commerce sites to highlight sales or new products.
  • Notification banners: In applications to inform users about updates or important messages.


Banners are a ubiquitous element of the digital landscape, serving both commercial and informational purposes. They are a key component of digital marketing strategies, offering a versatile and effective way to communicate messages to a wide audience. Properly designed and strategically placed banners can significantly enhance visibility and engagement for businesses and organizations.


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