The term bank may refer to the following:

  • a financial institution and intermediary that accepts deposits and channels them into lending activities
  • Blood bank, a repository for blood or blood components stored and preserved for use in blood transfusions
  • Gene bank, a repository for biological material, specifically genetic material
  • Seed bank, a type of gene bank that stores seeds of food crops for later planting, or rare species of plants as a means of ensuring biodiversity
  • a geographical term referring to the terrain alongside a body of water
  • Diaper bank, a type of charitable organization that provides diapers for people who cannot afford or do not otherwise have access to them, via donations in cash or in kind
  • Ocean bank (or fishing bank), a relatively shallow area in a body of water, such as the sea, that may be a rich fishing ground
  • Bank engine (also helper engine, pusher engine), a railway locomotive attached to the rear of a train for additional power and traction, usually for climbing sloped areas
  • Bank (or roll), a rotation of a fixed-wing aircraft about its longtitudinal axis
  • Banked turn, a turn or change of direction in which a vehicle banks or inclines, usually towards the inside of the turn
  • a type of shot in basketball wherein the ball is bounced off of the backboard and into the basket
  • a type of shot in cue sports wherein the object ball is driven to one or more rails before reaching its intended target
  • Bánk, a village and municipality in the county of Nógrád in Hungary
  • Bank (or Banak), a city in the province of Bushehr in Iran
  • Citizens Bank Park (also CBP, The Bank), a baseball park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the US
  • Bank Street College of Education, a private graduate school in New York City, New York in the US
  • BANK, a group of artists who were active in London during the 1990s
  • The Bank, a 1915 silent comedy film starring Charlie Chaplin
  • The Bank, a 2001 Australian film starring David Wenham and Anthony LaPaglia
  • Overdrawn at the Memory Bank, a 1983 science fiction TV movie starring Raúl Juliá
  • Memory Bank, a short-lived daytime game show in the UK
  • Mitigation banking (also environmental mitigation, compensatory mitigation), a type of project or program intended to offset known impacts to a historic or natural resource
  • Bank paper, a type of thing but strong writing paper or a type of security issued by a bank
  • Cylinder bank, a single row of cylinders in an internal combustion engine
  • Data bank, a centralized or decentralized repository of information on one or more subjects that is organized in a way that facilitates the retrieval of the information contained within
  • Memory bank, a hardware-dependent logical unit of storage in electronics
  • Piggy bank (also penny bank, money box), a ceramic or porcelain container for coins mostly used by children

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