Deutsch: Marine / Español: Marine / Français: Marine / Italiano: Marine

In an industrial or industry context, the term "marine" typically refers to anything related to the sea, oceans, or coastal areas.

This can include a wide range of activities, industries, and products, such as:

  • Shipping and transportation: the transport of goods and people across the oceans and coastal waters, including container ships, oil tankers, and cruise ships.

  • Fishing: the commercial harvest of seafood, such as fish, shellfish, and other sea creatures.

  • Offshore oil and gas exploration and production: drilling for oil and natural gas in the ocean, usually in deep water.

  • Coastal construction: the construction of ports, harbors, and other infrastructure along the coasts.

  • Marine tourism: activities related to marine life and environments, such as whale watching, scuba diving, and beach tourism.

  • Marine research and conservation: the scientific study of marine ecosystems, as well as efforts to protect and preserve them.

  • Marine renewable energy: the generation of electricity from the ocean, such as through wave and tidal power.

These are just a few examples of the many industries and activities that fall under the umbrella of "marine" in an industrial or industry context.

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