Bran is an English term which is described as an outer layer or seed coat of the wheat grain ; also, commercially, a by-product of the milling process consisting of the larger pieces of bran remaining after the flour has been extracted from wheat.

Blower refers to a compressor that is designed to operate at lower pressures. Usually a blower is an air compressor that operates below 2 barg, although this figure depends upon the respective manufacturer.

Bearing refers to a circular-shaped metallic insert used in engine blocks to provide low friction support for rotating engine components such as crankshafts, connecting rods, and camshafts.

Base pertains to any substance that, when dissolved in water, increases the concentration of hydroxide ion.

Bunker fuel is a kind of fuel supplied to ships and aircraft, both domestic and foreign, consisting primarily of residual and distillate fuel oil for ships and kerosene-based jet fuel for aircraft.

Bookbinding is described as the process of physically assembling a book from a number of separate sheets of paper or other material .

Brake also called Wheel chair lock is a component of wheelchair whether manual or powered by a battery. They are
available in several different designs, and can be mounted at various heights to maximize convenience to the user.

Blower-dryer is described as a motor-driven attachment with a blower and electric- or steam-heated coil, mounted on top of a dishwasher for quick drying of Ware at the end of the final rinse cycle.

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