By-product means a substance, listed in Schedule 1, which is incidentally manufactured, processed or otherwise used at the facility at any concentration, and released on site to the environment, released to surface waters or transferred off site for disposal.

Bulldozer refers to a kind of tractor with a blade on the front end that of a tractor, usually a crawler, used to to push, or bulldoze dirt, earth, rocks, or trees.

Bucket milking system is described as a system in which the milk coming from the cow is drawn into a bucket or pail and manually transferred to a collection area or the milk house.

Breeding is the selection process used to try and improve the characteristics of plant or animal.

Buoy refers to an an anchored floating device used as an aid to navigation. May carry a light, horn, whistle, bell, gong, or combination thereof for identification.

Brocade refers to a type of textile , originally heavy silk with an elaborate pattern in silver or gold threads. It has an embossed appearance.

Broaching machine is described as a machine designed specifically to run broaching tools; typically designated by operating characteristics, as in pull, push, rotary, continuous, blind spline; type of power used, as in hydraulic and mechanical; and tonnage ratings.

Briquetting press refers to mechanical or electrical device which is used to manufacture briquettes by compressing pre-treated solid fuel fines using press with or without a binder.

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