The acronym BHP may refer to the following:

  • Bottom Hole Pressure, an oil and/or gas-related term for the pressure at the bottom of a hole or wellbore
  • Boiler Horsepower, the measure of a boiler's capacity to deliver steam to a steam engine

The term barber may refer to the following: 

The term briquette (or briquet) refers to a compressed block of combustible organic materials , such as charcoal, sawdust or wood chips, that may be used as kindling and fuel for starting a fire.

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"Briquettes" is in the CPC Code "1102"
  Briquettes and similar solid fuels manufactured from coal

Ref: 122499/2006-10-01

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The term boat may refer to the following:

  • a vessel, of modest size, that is designed to travel on water
  • Sauce boat (also gravy boat, saucière), a type of boat-shaped kitchenware, usually with a matching plate, specifically for serving gravy or other sauces

The term byproduct refers to an incidental or secondary product, different from the intended or primary product, resulting from a manufacturing process or chemical reaction. A byproduct may or may not be wanted, or considered to be marketable or waste.

Bentonite is characterized as a highly plastic collodial clay-like material which is a useful plasticiser and suspender. Bentonite is an additive used with water to lubricate, stabilize, and clear drill cuttings from a borehole. It is a kind of drilling material, a naturally occurring mineral used in the drilling process.

The term baler or Baler may refer to the following:

Botanicals is a term used to refer to the herbs, spices and other plant materials used in the production of gin.

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