Bronze tint is described as a smoky, subtle medium brown color designed to reduce solar heat gain and glare.

Ref: 124419/2006-10-29

In the industrial, manufacturing, and construction industries, "bronze tint" refers to a color or finish that resembles the color and appearance of bronze metal. Bronze tint can be applied to various materials and products, such as glass, metal, plastic, and stone, to create a bronze-like appearance and to add color and aesthetic value.

Examples of the use of bronze tint in an industrial or business context include:

  • Glass manufacturers producing bronze tinted glass for use in buildings, vehicles, and appliances.
  • Metal fabricators applying bronze tint to metal products, such as doors, windows, and railings.
  • Plastic and composites manufacturers producing bronze tinted products, such as trim and molding.
  • Stone and tile suppliers offering bronze tinted stone and tile products for flooring and wall covering applications.
  • Paint and coating companies producing bronze tinted paints and coatings for use on various surfaces.
  • Architects and designers specifying bronze tint for various building components, such as windows, doors, and façades.
  • Automotive manufacturers using bronze tinted glass and metal components in vehicles.
  • Home and building supply retailers selling bronze tinted products for construction and renovation projects.
  • Industrial coating and finishing services applying bronze tint to metal and plastic components for clients in various industries.
  • Artists and craftsmen using bronze tint in their work to create bronze-like finishes and effects.

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