Blank holder pressure (BHP) pertains to the pressure pattern on the blank that results from applying a blank holder force.

Bowling is a game in which players attempt to score points by rolling a ball along a flat surface to knock down objects called pins.

Blow blow process is described as a method of glass container manufacturing of narrow finish containers in which the parison is formed by compressed air.

Blank holder force (BHF) is described as the force applied to the perimeter of a sheet during a deep drawing operation to suppress wrinkling and control metal flow.

Bitt is described as a sturdy post mounted on the bow or stern to which anchor or mooring lines may be attached.

Bending stress is described as a stress involving tensile and compressive forces, which are not uniformly distributed.

Barley is a widely grown cereal grass that produces a grain, which has been a primary food source of many cultures for thousands of years.

Backwashing refers to the removal of the oil which has been put into worsted stock in the blending, oiling and mixing operations when the mix was made up.