Brandy refers to a distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice (eau-de-vie).

Breaker is defined as a device usually found in the home, on a pole or in a substation. It is designed to open automatically when a fault occurs. It can be operated manually or automatically.

Deutsch: Board

The term board may refer to the following:

Blended whisky is defined by ATF as a mixture which contains straight whisky, or a blend of straight whiskies, at not less than 20 per cent on a proof-gallon basis, excluding alcohol derived from added harmless coloring, flavoring or blending materials , and, separately, or in combination.

The term barrow may refer to the following:

A Barge is a cargo-carrying vehicle used primarily by inland water carriers. The basic barges have open tops, but there are covered barges for both dry and liquid cargos.

The term barcode (or bar code) refers to a type of machine -readable code comprised of numbers and parallel lines of varying widths representing relating to an object to which it is attached.

The acronym BHF may refer to the following:

  • Buffered oxide etch (also buffered hydrofluoric acid, buffered hf, BHF), a substance (or etchant) used in microfabrication to chemically remove layers from a surface of a wafer during manufacturing

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