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Sink refers to a basin or a receptacle in an industrial setting that is used for washing hands, tools, and other items, or for the disposal of certain liquids.


In the industrial context, a sink is a critical component designed for both utility and safety. Industrial sinks are typically more robust than residential types, built to withstand harsh environments and frequent use. They come in various sizes and materials, including stainless steel, which is preferred for its durability and ease of cleaning.

Industrial sinks can be used for several purposes:

  • Handwashing: Ensuring hygiene and safety, especially in food processing, chemical, or pharmaceutical industries.
  • Tool washing: Removing contaminants from tools or machine parts.
  • Disposal of liquids: Safely disposing of used liquids that may contain hazardous substances.


Application Areas

Industrial sinks are essential in numerous sectors:

  • Manufacturing facilities: For employee hygiene and cleaning parts.
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical plants: Where sinks are used for washing glassware and disposing of chemical residues safely.
  • Food processing industries: Critical for maintaining hygiene where food products are handled.
  • Laboratories: Used extensively to maintain cleanliness and dispose of potentially hazardous substances.

Well-Known Examples

A notable example of the use of industrial sinks is in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, where sinks are used to wash silicon wafers during the fabrication process. Another example is in bio-research labs, where sinks are essential for disposing of biochemical waste.


Treatment and Risks

The main considerations for sinks in industrial applications include the resistance to chemicals, ease of cleaning, and bacterial contamination control. The use of non-porous materials helps prevent bacterial growth and facilitates easy maintenance. Additionally, ergonomic design is important to prevent strain on users who may use these sinks frequently throughout the day.

Similar Terms

  • Basin: Often used interchangeably with sink, though it can refer to a wider variety of receptacles.
  • Utility sink: A term specifically used to describe heavy-duty sinks used for utility purposes, often larger and more rugged.



In the industrial setting, a sink is not just a basic facility for washing but a crucial part of maintaining operational hygiene and safety. It serves various critical functions from handwashing to the disposal of hazardous substances, reflecting its importance across numerous industrial environments.


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