Deutsch: Gleitführung / Español: Guía deslizante / Português: Guia deslizante / Français: Guide de glissement / Italiano: Guida scorrevole /

The term slide may refer to the following:

  • a type of geographical feature composed of fixed and settled residue from a landslide that has since stabilized
  • Landslide (or landslip), a geological phenomenon involving the movement of soil, mud or rock down a slope
  • Slide phone (or slider), a type of mobile phone form factor that has two or more sections that slide past each other on rails
  • Slide rule (or slipstick), a type of mechanical analog computer used for various mathematical functions
  • Evactuation slide, an inflatable slide used to quickly evacuate an aircraft in case of an emergency
  • Microscope slide, a thin, flat piece of glass used to hold objects for examination under a microscope
  • Photgraphic slide (or transparency), a positive image intended for projection onto a screen using a slide projector
  • Pistol slide, a spring-loaded part of a semi-automatic pistol that houses the firing pin (or striker) and extractor, and serves as the bolt
  • Linear-motion bearing (or linear slide), a type of bearing designed to provide free motion in one direction
  • Jakarta Slide, a retired Java-based open-source content management system
  • Slide, Inc., formerly a software application developer
  • a part of a wind instrument used to vary the length of the tube and ergo, the pitch of the instrument
  • an object made with any smooth, hard material that allows tones to resonate, and is placed on the strings of a guitar and slid along the fingerboard to change the way it sounds
  • a musical embellishment wherein the performer moves stepwise diatonically between the initial and final notes
  • a type of tune in Irish traditional music, usually with a 12/8 time signature
  • Slide whistle (also swanee, swanee whistle, lotos flute, piston flute, jazz flute), a wind instrument consisting of a constricted mouthpiece (or fipple) and a tube with a piston on it
  • Slide, a 1977 song by American R&B/funk band Slave
  • Slide, a song by American indie pop band Luna from the 1993 EP of the same name
  • Slide, a song by American singer-songwriter Lisa Germano from the 1998 album of the same name
  • Slide, a 1998 song by American alternative rock band The Goo Goo Dolls from the single of the same name and their album, Dizzy Up The Girl
  • Slide, a song from British singer-songwriter Dido's 1999 album, No Angel
  • Slide, a 2001 song by Australian nu metal group Superheist from their double A-side single Step Back/Slide, and their album, The Prize Recruit
  • Slide, a 2007 album by American musician Patrick Gleeson
  • SLiDE, an Australian teen drama TV series
  • a type of dance move that gives the impression of moving around in an effortless manner
  • a type of move in baseball wherein the baserunner slides along the ground to reach the base
  • Sliding tackle (or slide tackle), a type of move in football wherein one player slides along the ground with one leg extended to push the ball away from an opposing player
  • Darkslide, a type of skateboarding trick
  • Playground slide, a type of fixture commonly found in parks, schools, playgrounds and backyards with a flat, half cylindrical or tubular surface, usually made of plastic or metal, that children slide down from while sitting
  • Water slide (also flumes, water chutes, hydroslides), a type of slide with water flowing down its surface and usually runs into a swimming pool
  • a type of open-toed and backless footwear
  • Barrete (also hair clip, hair-slide, clasp), a type of accessory for holding hair in place

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