Tackle refers to a weight-lifting machine typically composed of a pair of pulley-block s (one fixed, one mobile) housing sheaves, with a rope running in their grooves.

The polyspaston performs the same function as the tackle, but the sheaves are arranged end-to-end in two parallel rows instead of rotating on a common axle as in a standard block. It is also known as polyspaston

In power boating or sailing, ground tackle is defined as equipment such as anchors, chains or lines for holding fast a vessel to the bottom.

In fishing tackle is defined as the gear used by an angler or a commercial fisher to catch fish

In football defensive tackle is referring to a defensive player who lines up on the interior of the defensive line.

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"Tackle" is in the HS Code "8425"
  Pulley Tackle And Hoists Other Than Skip Hoist; Winches And Capstans; Jacks

Ref: 124093/2006-09-19

Tackle refers to the equipment, gear (especially for fishing); device for lifting and lowering objects; tools, implements

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"Tackle" is in the HS Code "8425"
  Pulley Tackle And Hoists Other Than Skip Hoist; Winches And Capstans; Jacks

Ref: 86264/2006-09-13

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