Deutsch: Anker / Español: Ancla / Português: Âncora / Français: Ancre / Italiano: Ancora /

Anchor relates to hyperlinks - the underlined words or phrases you click on in World Wide Web documents to jump to another screen or page. The word anchor is used less often than hyperlink, but it does maintain the seafaring theme of navigating and surfing the Net.

An anchor (also referred to as a bookmark by Microsoft applications ) is the destination of a hyperlink within a Web page. Anchors are common on single Web pages containing lots of text where the text section titles appear at the top of the page and clicking the link causes the browser to jump down the page and display the selected portion of text.

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"Anchor" is in the UNSPSC Code "25111906"
Anchor chocks

Ref: 120903/2006-09-19

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