This classification is originally standardized by the United Nations (UN) and has been established mostly in the US. . UNSPSC consists of more than 20,000 items for products and services.The 8-digit code is a result of the combination of the United Nations - Common Coding System (UNCCS) and of Dun & Bradstreet's Standard Product and Services Codes (SPSC).

This classification system consists of 5 hierarchy levels.
Each level contains a two-character numerical value and a textual description as follows:
XX Segment The logical aggregation of families for analytical purposes
XX Family A commonly recognized group of inter-related commodity categories
XX Class A group of commodities sharing a common use or function
XX Commodity A group of substitutable products or services
XX Business Function The function performed by an organization in support of the commodity (optional. We do not list this level in our database).

The following list displays the top level (Segments).The links lead via the sub groups (Families and classes) to the products and services (Commodities).

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