In the industrial and industry context, NAPCS stands for the "North American Product Classification System ". It is a standard system for classifying products across North America, including the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The system is used by businesses, government agencies, and other organizations to collect and analyze data about the products being produced and sold.

NAPCS is organized into a hierarchical structure that includes four levels of classification. The levels are:

  1. Sector: The broadest level of classification, which includes 20 sectors such as agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and construction.

  2. Subsector: The second level of classification, which further divides each sector into more specific categories.

  3. Industry Group: The third level of classification, which provides additional detail about the products being produced.

  4. Product: The most specific level of classification, which identifies individual products and includes detailed descriptions of their characteristics and features.

Examples of products that can be classified using NAPCS include:

NAPCS is intended to be a flexible and adaptable system, and it is updated regularly to reflect changes in the North American economy and the products being produced and sold.

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North American Product Classification System (NAPCS)

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