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A ranch is an area of landscape, including various structures, given primarily to the practice of ranching, the practice of raising grazing livestock such as cattle or sheep for meat or wool. The word most often applies to livestock-raising operations in Mexico, the western United States and Canada, though there are ranches in other areas. People who own or operate a ranch are called ranchers, or stockgrowers. Ranching is also a method used to raise less common livestock such as elk, American bison or even ostrich, emu, and alpacas.

In an industrial or industry context, "ranching" refers to the raising of livestock, particularly cattle and sheep, for meat, dairy, leather, and wool. This can encompass a wide range of activities and businesses, including:

  • Beef production: the raising of cattle for meat, including feedlots, slaughterhouses, and meatpacking plants.

  • Dairy production: the production of milk and dairy products, including dairy farms, milk processing plants, and dairy product manufacturers.

  • Leather production: the production of leather products, including leather tanning, leather goods manufacturing, and leather products retailing.

  • Wool production: the production of wool and wool-based products, including sheep ranches, wool processing plants, and wool product manufacturers.

  • Livestock breeding: the breeding and genetics of livestock, including bull studs, semen banks, and livestock genetics research.

  • Livestock feed production: the production of feed for livestock, including feed mills, feed additives, and feed ingredient suppliers.

  • Livestock equipment and supplies: the production and sale of equipment and supplies for livestock, including fencing, feeders, and veterinary supplies.

These are just a few examples of the many businesses and industries that fall under the umbrella of "ranching" in an industrial or industry context.

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