Kairomone refers to a chemical or mixture of chemicals emitted by an organism (e.g. a plant) that induces a response in an individual of another species (e.g. an insect) that is beneficial to the receiving organism.

Kyoto Protocol makes reference to the International agreement among industrialized countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions negotiated in Kyoto, Japan in December 1997.

Kedge anchor or stock/nonburying anchor is the best example of the large, heavy, Cross-shaped fisherman?s anchor/yachtsman?s anchor, which holds the boat with its weight and by snagging rocks.

Deutsch: Perserteppich

A Karamanie is a handwoven rug/carpet. The origin is the turkish, Iranian area.

Kid refers to young goats.
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Kids
Keel is described as the flat surface built into the bottom of the boat to prevent the reduce the leeway caused by the wind pushing against the side of the boat. A keel also usually has some ballast to help keep the boat upright and prevent it from heeling too much. There are several types of keels, such as fin keels and full keels.

Fin keel is a keel that is narrow and deeper than a full keel.

Full keel full keel is a type of keel that that runs the length of the boat. Full keels have a shallower draft than fin keels.

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  Keel protectors
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Key pests refers to an important major pest species in the complex of pests attacking a crop that dominate control practices and that in the absence of human intervention commonly attain population densities that exceed economic injury levels.
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): keyers, Keynes, Keys
Kinetic is a form of of watch power patented by Seiko for the manufacture of kinetic watches. The Seiko Kinetic watch uses the movement of your wrist to charge a capacitor, which provides power to the quartz movement.

When fully charged, a man's Seiko Kinetic watch will store energy for 7-14 days, even when not worn. Seiko Kinetic watches alert you to a low capacitor charge when the seconds hand starts to move in two second intervals.
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