Deutsch: Stock / Español: Stick - Stick / Français: Stick - Stick / Italiano: Stick - Stick

The term "stick" can have several meanings in the industrial/industry context, depending on the specific industry or application.

Here are a few examples of how "stick" might be used in different contexts:

  1. Welding Stick: In welding, a "stick" refers to an electrode made of a metal core coated with flux. The stick is used as a consumable material that melts and fuses with the metal being welded, forming a strong bond.

  2. Memory Stick: A "memory stick" or "flash drive" is a small, portable storage device that plugs into a USB port on a computer or other electronic device. It is typically used to store and transfer data between devices.

  3. Stirring Stick: In manufacturing, a "stirring stick" might refer to a tool used to mix or stir materials, such as paint or chemicals, in a container.

  4. Dipstick: In the automotive industry, a "dipstick" is a tool used to measure the level of oil in an engine. It is a long, thin metal rod with markings indicating the level of oil.

Similar items to "stick" that might be used in industry could include:

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