Adhesive binding machine has something to do with a machine that applies an adhesive, and sometimes a cloth lining to the edges of the leaves or sections of a book. Adhesive binding machines may be classified as:

1) intermittent, with all operations being performed while the book is stopped; and

2) continuous , with all operations being performed while the book is in motion.

In addition, they may be classified as:

1) inline, with the books being carried in one direction at a constant elevation;

2) rotary or circular, with books being carried in a circular path; and

3) oval, with books being carried over an extended oval path.

There are variations within all of these categories. Adhesive binding machines used in library binderies are generally in-line machines which operate intermittently or continuously, with the books being inserted and removed from the machine by hand. Adhesive binding machines date back to the latter part of the 19th century, but their greatest period of development was following World War II. (89 , 320 )

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