Vermiculite is made from expanded mica, a mineral. Vermiculite used as insulation is identical to the material found in garden centers. Like perlite, it is generally no longer used for insulation, although again, it can still be found in existing houses.

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"Vermiculite" is in the UNSPSC Code "11101619"
  Vermiculite ore
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Vintage wine shall mean a wine verified to be ten years of age or older and not available from a primary American source of supply.
Ref: 122754/2006-10-01

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Virgin forest is characterized as an area of old-growth trees that never has been harvested by humans.
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Forester, forests
- Virginia (tobacco) : Virginia is by far the most popular tobacco type used in pipe tobacco today. About 60% of the nations tobacco crop is Virginia. Virginia is mildest of all blending tobaccos and has the highest level of natural dextrose (sugar), which basically gives it a light sweet taste. Virginia is used in virtually all blends, is a good burner and aids in lighting.
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): tobaccos
Visco elastic foam refers to a high quality, high density, heat sensitive resilient foam sometimes called ?memory? or ?slow recovery? foam.
Ref: 122696/2006-09-21

Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): elastics, Foams
Viscose fibre is described as a man-made fibre spun from regenerated cellulosic material .
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Vitamin C refers to a water-soluble vitamin that helps promote healthy gums and teeth, aids in mineral absorption, and heal wounds. Vitamin C is naturally found in citrus fruits and certain vegetables including peppers, potatoes and green leafy vegetables.

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"Vitamin C" is in the HS Code "2936.27"
  - -- Vitamin C and its derivatives
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Vita (Vita (Mehrzahl: Viten))

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D can be made in the body with exposure to sunlight. Fortified foods and beverages such as milk, breakfast cereals and certain juices also contain vitamin D.
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Vita (Vita (Mehrzahl: Viten))

Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Vitamine, deer, denser