The term vitamins refers to organic compounds (and some other related compoiunds) that are essential in limited quantities to the normal growth and activity of many living organisms, but may not be normally synthesized by the body in sufficient amounts.

Vulcanite is characterized as a dark-colored variety of India rubber that has been subjected to vulcanization. It also called hard rubber. A common material used for the stem on both mass-produced and hand-made pipes.

The term vehicle may refer to the following:

  • a machine , usually self-powered and self-propelled, that may be used to transport people or goods from one place to another via land, air or sea
  • an inactive or inert substance or medium that may be combined with a medicine, pigment or other active material in order to give it bulk or facilitate in its administration

Varnish is identified as the solution of resinous matter in an oil or a volatile liquid. When applied to a surface, it dries transparent, hard and glossy, protecting the surface from air and moisture.

- Vintage (vehicle) : Vintage - are type of cars or vehicles which were built between 1915 to 1942. They are antique expensive vehicles which are mostly owned by rich car collectors and only used on special occassions.
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Vitreous clay is a kind of clay that has been fired to maturity, so that it is hard, dense and nonabsorbent.
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Vermiculture is defined as worm composting.
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Viscose fibre is described as a man-made fibre spun from regenerated cellulosic material .
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