Crown coverage refers to the mount of ground area covered by tree crowns on a per acre basis, looking from above the trees. Tree shadows can help measure the percent crown coverage when the sun is directly overhead.

Combed cotton refers to cotton yarn that has been combed to remove short fibers and to straighten or arrange longer fibers in parallel order.

Casino corridor refers to a enclosed passageway in a casino. It is a hallway, aisle, passage or passageway connecting parts of a building or public building or room for gambling.

Clown does not have a direct application or definition within a traditional industrial or industry context, as it primarily refers to a performer known for comedic, theatrical, and entertainment roles, often associated with circuses, children's entertainment, and theatrical performances. However, exploring the concept of a clown in a metaphorical or extended sense could involve its use in organizational behavior, team dynamics, or corporate training programs where elements akin to a clown's role are utilized to enhance creativity, relieve stress, or foster team building.

Deutsch: Gewissenhaftigkeit / Español: conciencia / Português: conscienciosidade / Français: conscience professionnelle / Italiano: coscienziosità

Conscientiousness in the industrial context refers to the personality trait of being diligent, careful, and thorough in one's work or duties within an industrial setting. It is one of the five major dimensions of personality in the Big Five personality traits model, emphasizing qualities such as reliability, efficiency, organization, and a strong sense of duty among employees and leaders in the industry.

Deutsch: Zivilisation / Español: civilización / Português: civilização / Français: civilisation / Italiano: civiltà

Civilisation in the context of industry refers to the stage of human social development and organization that is considered most advanced, particularly when it is influenced or characterized by the industrial sector. This concept encompasses the growth and impact of industries on society, the economy, and the environment, highlighting how industrial activities have shaped and transformed the ways in which societies are structured, function, and progress.

Casino project refers to a public building or gambling area's a plan, undertaking, scheme , design, programme or proposal.

Casino signage refers a public building or gambling area's informational and directional signs or posters required for an event.