Casino driveway refers to passage or way along or through which a vehicle may be driven and commonly used as a path to a garage of a public building or room for gambling.

Casino construction costs referes to the total money, time and labor spent for goods or services for the building or construction of a public building or room for gambling.

The Casino construction is the process of building or constructing a public building or room for gambling.

Casing relates to a packaging material for sausage meat; it can be artificial or the lining or membrane of an organ from an animal that produces muscle foods.

Casein refers to a natural resin formed from dairy byproducts. Also called "milkstone" or "galalith". Briefly used for transparent or colored pen barrels and caps before the perfection of celluloid.

Carrier current refers to a device that transmits a signal, modulated by audio, along a pair of wires (electrical or phone line) to a compatible receiver. The signal travels along the wires with very little radiated from the lines.

Carriage bolt pertains to a bolt with a round head and square shoulder. The square shoulder gets pulled into the hole and keeps the bolt from turning when the nut is being tightened.

Cargo carrying ship is characterized as merchant ship designed for the carriage of goods and/or public transport of passengers.