CD-ROM is the acronym of Compact Cisc - Read-Only Memory. The CD-ROM is round data storage where the data are "burned" onto the disk and can (normally) never be changed.

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A Cafeteria is a self-service restaurant or lunchroom in which people go to a counter to choose what they want to eat and then carry it to a table. Moreover, it is a dining area, as at a school or office building, where meals may be purchased or brought from home and eaten.

Consumer is characterized as an individual, household or family as purchaser and user of goods as distinguished from business or industrial user who may buy for resale or re-manufacturing.

Conventional mining is characterized as the oldest form of room pillar mining, which consists of a series of operations that involve cutting the coal bed, so it breaks easily when blasted with explosives or high pressure air, and then loading the broken coal.

Casting have something to do with an act or process of making casts or impressions, or of pouring molten metal and shaping metal or plaster into a mold.

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"Casting" is in the NACE Code "27.53"
  Casting of light metals

"Casting" is in the ISIC Code "273"
  Casting of metals

"Casting" is in the NAICS Code "331521"
  (Aluminum Die-Casting FoundriesDie-castings, aluminum, unfinished, manufacturing)

"Casting" is in the HS Code "8454"
  Converters,Ladles,Ingot Moulds And Casting Machines , Of A Kind Used In Metallurgy Or In Metal Foundr

"Casting" is in the UNSPSC Code "23171904"
  Casting tooling

"Casting" is in the NACE Code "27.54"
  Casting of other non-ferrous metals

"Casting" is in the ISIC Code "273"
  Casting of metals

"Casting" is in the NACE Code "27.5"
  Casting of metals

"Casting" is in the ISIC Code "273"
  Casting of metals

Ref: 120748/2006-10-02

Casting refers to the process of forming  molten metal into a particular shape by pouring it into a mold and letting it harden.

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"Casting" is in the NACE Code "27.5"
  Casting of metals

"Casting" is in the HS Code "8454.30"
  - - Casting machines

"Casting" is in the UNSPSC Code "23161510"
  Casting machines

"Casting" is in the NACE Code "27.51"
  Casting of iron

"Casting" is in the ISIC Code "2731"
  Casting of iron and steel

"Casting" is in the NACE Code "27.52"
  Casting of steel

"Casting" is in the ISIC Code "2732"
  Casting of non-ferrous metals

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The Coal tar pitch (tar) is characterized as a black oily liquid that is a rich source of mostly orgamic chemicals such as benzene, phenol and creosote. It is a bituminous material which is a by product from the coking of coal.

Cutlery is characterized as cutting implements including those for cutting by a sharp point, which are manipulable by hand so as to be movable in their entirety relative to the work during the cutting operation as distinguished from moving the work relative to the cutter. Such implements may be power operated which is built into the structure of the cutting implement.

The Cape Cod style  is a style of housing that originated in the New England area. It is traditionally characterized by a low, broad frame building, generally a story and a half high, with a steep, perfectly pitched roof without gables and a large central chimney. A cape-style house also commonly has a master bedroom on the first floor.

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