Cupboard refers to a case piece with shelves and one or two doors which is usually used for storing household goods, like plates, cups and saucer, bowls and spoon and forks, and even grocery items like canned goods.

CQR anchor is a type of anchor , also called plow anchor. CQR is short for coastal quick release anchor. An anchor that is designed to Bury itself into the ground by use of its plow shape.

Cement mixer is described as a machine, more commonly a truck , used to mix cement, more accurately, concrete.

Cellulose insulation is made from wastepaper, such as used newspaper and boxes. It is shredded into small particles, and chemicals providing resistance to fire and insects are added.

The Coordinated Universal Time (abbreviated UTC), the primary basis or standard used worldwide in the regulation of clocks and time.

Comb binding describes a method of binding using a plastic "comb" through rectangular holes in the paper allowing the book to open flat. Comb bindings may be screen printed with book title, author's name, etc. for ease of location on the book shelf.

Cellulose acetate is an extruded plastic made from hydrolyzed cellulose, usually wood pulp or cotton, dissolved in acetone.

Cellular telephone is described as a device consisting of a control unit, a transceiver, and an antenna that processes calls to be sent to or received from the cellular system.