A Cow is a sexually mature female bovine animal that has usually produced a calf.

Crystal is defined as the heart of modern timekeeping devices. This is the quartz oscillator that controls the accuracy of a timer. High-quality timing devices contain Temperature-Compensated Quartz Crystals (TCXO) that provide highly accurate timing in great temperature extremes.

A Controlled environment is an environment that is manipulated for the purpose of producing animals of a particular species, that has boundaries designed to prevent animals, eggs or gametes of the species from entering or leaving it, and the general characteristics of which may include but are not limited to: artificial housing;

- Child/junior chair : A Child/junior chair is a mobility device for children and
young adults who need chairs that can accommodate their changing needs as they grow. It is really important for children or teens users to have chairs that is adaptable to classroom environments and user-friendly to help them fit more readily into social situations.

Celluloid refers to a natural resin formed from plant fibers, used commonly before the second world war as a material for pen barrels and caps (and many other consumer products, as well as motion picture film stock). Celluloid is strong and resilient, but cannot be injection molded and is highly flammable. Also known as Radite, Pyroxalin, Pyralin, Permanite, etc.

Cell battery : Cell battery is a primary galvanic unit which converts chemical energy directly into electric energy. Typically consists of two electrodes of dissimilar material isolated from one another electronically in a common ironically conductive electrolyte . Examples are coin cell and button cell (miniature battery)

Clockwork pertains to any mechanism of geared wheels that is driven by a coiled spring; resembles the works of a mechanical clock

Crutch is described as a wooden or metal staff that fits under the armpit and reaches to the ground that used by persons with disability problem for mobility purposes, specifically for walking.

Standard crutches are lightweight and easily adjust to size.
Forearm crutches have contoured arm cuffs which mold to the user for extra comfort and stability.

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