Deutsch: Casino-Beschilderung / Español: Señalización del casino / Português: Sinalização do cassino / Français: Signalétique du casino / Italiano: Segnaletica del casinò /

Casino signage refers a public building or gambling area's informational and directional signs or posters required for an event.

Deutsch: Casinodach / Español: Techo del casino / Português: Telhado do cassino / Français: Toit du casino / Italiano: Tetto del casinò /

Casino roof refers to the top outside covering or a protective covering that covers or forms the top of a public building or room for gambling.

Deutsch: Casino-Parkplatz / Español: Aparcamiento del casino / Português: Estacionamento do cassino / Français: Parking du casino / Italiano: Parcheggio del casinò /

Casino Parking lot is the American English term that refers to a cleared area on a public building or gambling area that is more or less level and is intended for parking vehicles.

Deutsch: Casino-Park / Español: Parque del Casino / Português: Parque do Casino / Français: Parc de Casino / Italiano: Parco del Casinò /

Casino park refers to the recreational area, woodland, garden, esplanade, playground., with grass and trees, reserved for public recreation of a public building or room for gambling.

Deutsch: Casino-Standort / Español: Ubicación del casino / Português: Localização do cassino / Français: Emplacement du casino / Italiano: Posizione del casinò /

Casino location refers to a position or situation, : locale, site, place, bearings, spot, of a public building and room for gambling.

Deutsch: Casino-Beleuchtung / Español: Iluminación de casino / Português: Iluminação de cassino / Français: Éclairage de casino / Italiano: Illuminazione del casinò /

Casino lighting refers to the illumination of objects and their surroundings of a public building or room for gambling so that they may be seen and to the devices or techniques used for illumination, usually referring to artificial light sources such as lamps or flashlights.

Deutsch: Casino-Saal / Español: Salón de Casino / Português: Salão de Cassino / Français: Salle de Casino / Italiano: Sala da Casino /

Casino hall refers to a building or large room, arena, auditorium, gym, concert hall, assembly room, music room iused for concerts, public meetings, assemblies, etc. of a public building or room for gambling.

Deutsch: Casinoabriss / Español: Demolición del casino / Português: Demolição do cassino / Français: Démolition du casino / Italiano: Demolizione del casinò /

Casino demolition refers the destruction of structures and facilities of a public building or room for gambling by use of fire, water, explosives, mechanical, or other means